We are a Honduran company, whose main line of business is Information Technology Consulting. Together with our consultants we have more than 25 years of experience and throughout our history we have learned to develop, evolve and remain at the forefront.


    • To be the technological partner of our customers.


    • To provide IT solutions to our customers supported by a professional process with specialized personnel, committing ourselves to offer a daily service with excellence.


    1.  A unique approach: We rely on training and agile implementation standards, making the activities developed with the customer more efficient, through the adequate planning, follow-up, and control of our projects. The success of our implementations is based on open and frequent communication with our customers, as well as on the commitment and responsibility of both parties. 
    2.  Experience: We have professionals with proven experience in the implementation of various types of projects with ample scope at the strategic, administrative, operational, and accounting levels, including business intelligence.
    3.  We have developers with experience in various programming languages, development environments, robust databases, operating systems and others mentioned below: Centura, Delphi, Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, C + +, C #, MVC, ASP. Net, .NET Core, Java, Windev, Plex, Javascript, IntelliJ, Xamarin, React Native, Android Studio, Microsoft Azure, Linux / Windows server configurations, remote session application configuration, windows services, Web Services integrations, email server integrations, SAP R/3, SBO, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL integrations. DB2. Business Intelligence Tools: Qlik Sense, Cognos, Power BI, Kyubit, Spagobi.


Our competitive advantage:

    1.  Value-added solutions (in house developments)
    2.  Business (ERP) solutions for accounting, financial and production applications
    3.  E-commerce solutions
    4.  Solutions for the implementation of business processes
    5.  Institutional strengthening and strategic planning solutions

Value-added solutions (in house developments):

Every company requires IT functions. Whether or not they have information systems implemented, it is imperative that new information technologies are adopted over time. In most cases, this leads to specific developments to integrate databases with sensitive information that becomes essential input for decision making, or automate a process to make it more efficient or generate innovation to create value to customers.

Business (ERP) solutions for accounting, financial and production applications

We recognize the need for companies to have a comprehensive information system that enhances decision making and allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition. The IT market is saturated with alternative solutions, but there is one for each market niche and particularly for each company, according to its available resources, organizational structure, process management systems, etc. Supporting our clients in the process of adopting this alternative is our main commitment.

E-commerce solutions:

To elaborate all the strategy that allows you to have presence in the most relevant and significant Internet sites in the most optimal and recommended way according to the type and line of business and your target client.

Consulting in the implementation of business processes:

One of the main barriers in the implementation of information technologies is the absence of defined business processes and management policies, which allow the standardization of operations and therefore facilitate the adoption of best practices of world class technologies. Therefore, it is recommended that a business process consultancy be carried out as part of IT projects.

Solutions for institutional strengthening and strategic planning:

Most companies keep the course of their business without feedback regarding their defined mission and vision. We live in an era in which organizations must be able to transform themselves in short periods of time in order to adapt to the environment and adequately satisfy their clients’ needs. That is why they require agile consulting services that allow them to define the best routes and action plans, together with specific tactics and strategies to stay ahead, safeguarding the resources they have available.